1999 MOPAR Nationals - AMC Cars

Below, a very clean straight six engine equipped 1965 AMC Rambler

AMC-1965_Rambler-LeftFront.jpg (33320 bytes)

Below, probably the wildest car to come from mild-mannered American Motors.  A 1969 AMC/Hurst SC/Rambler.  A light body stuffed with a 390 cubic inch V8 and upgraded suspension and brakes.  That paint scheme just screams out "give me a speeding ticket!".

AMC-1969_SC-Rambler-RightRear.jpg (27171 bytes)AMC-1969_SC-Rambler-LeftFront.jpg (41283 bytes)AMC-1969_SC-Rambler-Hood.jpg (15755 bytes)AMC-1969_SC-Rambler-Engine.jpg (41963 bytes)

Below, a very nice 1970 AMC AMX.

AMC-1970_AMC_AMX_FrontLeft.jpg (38450 bytes)

Below, a 1970 AMC Javelin complete with 390 cubic inch V8 engine.

AMC-1970_AMC_Javelin_FrontRight.jpg (38343 bytes)AMC-1970_AMC_Javelin_Left.jpg (34196 bytes)

Below, a 1979 AMC Spirit.  It's pretty unusual to find one as nice as this.  Actually, it's pretty unusual to find one at all!

AMC-1979_AMC_Spirit_RightFront.jpg (33308 bytes)

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