1999 MOPAR Nationals - B Body  (Page 2)

Below, a very clean 1969 Dodge Charger (non-R/T).

B-1969_Dodge_Charger_RightFront.jpg (28898 bytes)

Below, a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona that was participating in the O.E. Certification judging.  It's equipped with a 440 cubic inch V8, four speed manual transmission and Dana 60 rear end with 3.54:1 gear ratio and Sure Grip.

B-1969_Dodge_Daytona_LeftFront.jpg (38204 bytes)B-1969_Dodge_Daytona_RightRear.jpg (29824 bytes)B-1969_Dodge_Daytona_Engine.jpg (29114 bytes)

Below, a Dodge Charger Daytona in race tune...

B-1969_Dodge_Daytona2_RightFront.jpg (32760 bytes)

Below.  A very nice and very correct 1969 Plymouth Road Runner complete with HEMI engine.  A 1969 Plymouth GTX (also HEMI equipped) sits in the background.  Both cars were part of the O.E. Certification judging.

B-1969_Plymouth_RoadRunner_RightFront.jpg (64467 bytes)

Below, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner coupe.  This one's equipped with the HEMI engine, automatic transmission, Dana 60 rear end with 4.10:1 gear ratio and Sure Grip and power disc brakes.

B-1969_Plymouth_RoadRunner2_RightFront.jpg (30678 bytes)B-1969_Plymouth_RoadRunner2_Engine.jpg (46197 bytes)

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