1999 MOPAR Nationals - B Body  (Page 4)

Below, a 1973 Dodge Charger Special Edition with a 400 cubic inch V8 engine, automatic transmission and air conditioning.

B-1973_Dodge_Charger_RightFront.jpg (26855 bytes)B-1973_Dodge_Charger_Engine.jpg (40039 bytes)

Below, another nice 1973 Dodge Charger.

B-1973_Dodge_Charger2_LeftFront.jpg (29671 bytes)

Below, the last of a dying breed of brightly colored and quick musclecars - a small-block equipped 1974 Plymouth Road Runner.

B-1974_Plymouth_Road_Runner-FrontLeft.jpg (27626 bytes)B-1974_Plymouth_Road_Runner-Engine.jpg (40792 bytes)

Below, a 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus with 400 cubic inch V8 engine and rare factory sliding sunroof.

B-1974_Plymouth_Satellite_Sebring_LeftFront.jpg (35547 bytes)B-1974_Plymouth_Satellite_Sebring_LeftRear.jpg (23443 bytes)

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