1999 MOPAR Nationals - E Body 

Below left, a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible clone with 440 "six-pack" V8 and "shaker" hood.  Note how well the quarter window graphic (below right) suits this car.

E-1970_Dodge_Challenger_LeftFront.jpg (42117 bytes)E-1970_Dodge_Challenger_Window.jpg (36586 bytes)

Below, a "Sublime" 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A.

E-1970_Dodge_Challenger_TA_FrontLeft.jpg (33994 bytes)E-1970_Dodge_Challenger_TA_RearLeft.jpg (31953 bytes)

Below, another fine 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A.

E-1970_Dodge_Challenger_TA2_FrontRight.jpg (25336 bytes)

Below, a "Lemon Twist" 1970 Plymouth 'cuda prepared for O.E. Certification judging.

E-1970_Plymouth_Cuda_RightFront.jpg (31560 bytes)

E-1970_Plymouth_Cuda_sign.jpg (54533 bytes)

Below, another fine 1970 Plymouth 'cuda.

E-1970_Plymouth_Cuda2_RightFront.jpg (38378 bytes)

Below, a VERY unusual creation. A "Plum Crazy" 1971 Plymouth 'cuda convertible stuffed with a late model 488 cubic inch V10!  A lot of work must have gone into getting the engine to fit the "E" body engine bay and in carrying over all of the electronics required to keep the V10 running.

E-1971_Plymouth_Cuda_Hood.jpg (13528 bytes)

E-1971_Plymouth_Cuda_LeftFront.jpg (31376 bytes)E-1971_Plymouth_Cuda_LeftRear.jpg (51457 bytes)E-1971_Plymouth_Cuda_Engine.jpg (58920 bytes)

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