1999 MOPAR Nationals - MOPAR Trucks

Below, a heavily customized Dodge pickup truck.  I don't know what year, just that it's old.

Truck-40'sDodge_LeftFront.jpg (52166 bytes)Truck-40'sDodge_Rear.jpg (34328 bytes)

This interesting creation is actually a 1976 Dodge Ram that's been chopped at the roof and late model Ram fenders and hood have been grafted on.  Pretty wild!

Truck-1976_Dodge_Ram_LeftFront.jpg (33596 bytes)

Below, a nicely customized late model Ram pickup truck.

Truck-1990's_Dodge_Ram-LeftFront.jpg (33836 bytes)

Below, another customized late model Dodge Ram.  The best thing about this truck is the graphic painted on the tailgate!  Someone out there has a lot of talent with an airbrush!  Check out the closeup below.

Truck-1990's_Dodge_Ram2-LeftRear.jpg (31651 bytes)Truck-1990's_Dodge_Ram2-Graphic.jpg (39839 bytes)

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