The MOPAR Power Club "B" body collection

(Even more '69-'70 models)

1969_Dodge_Coronet_Superbee_Rob_Beeview.jpg (11914 bytes)

Above/Below.  Rob's 1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee.  It's equipped with the standard 383 cubic inch "Magnum" V8, power brakes and steering and air conditioning.  A very nicely redone car.

1969_Dodge_Coronet_Superbee_Rob_FrontView.jpg (22608 bytes)1969_Dodge_Coronet_Superbee_Rob_LeftRear.jpg (22709 bytes)

1969_Plymouth_GTX_HEMI_John_Engine.jpg (34677 bytes)1969_Plymouth_GTX_HEMI_John_FrontLeft.jpg (25129 bytes)

new.gif (147 bytes)Shown above is John S's 1969 Plymouth GTX.  It's equipped with the legendary 426 HEMI, four speed manual transmission, Super Track Pak (including a Dana rear), light package, and AM/8 track radio with rear speaker.  A well restored rarity.

1970DodgeChargerHemiBadge-Paul.jpg (28301 bytes)1970DodgeChargerHemiLFView-Paul.jpg (37477 bytes)

Above and below, Paul M's HEMI Orange 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  This car is one of 56 produced in 1970 equipped with the 426 HEMI engine and four speed manual transmission.  It's equipped with the Track Pack and power disc/drum brakes.  An unbelievable restoration job.

1970DodgeChargerHemiEngine-Paul.jpg (42712 bytes)1970DodgeChargerHemiLRView-Paul.jpg (37115 bytes)

1970DodgeCoronetRFView-Rich.jpg (30677 bytes)1970DodgeCoronetRRView-Rich.jpg (43767 bytes)

Featured above is Rich F's Tor-Red (originally burnt orange) 1970 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible.  He's updated its appearance with Super Bee stripes and badging.  The car is equipped with the 318 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission, power steering, non-power brakes, and AM/FM radio.  A very nice looking car.

1970PlymouthRoadRunner-RFView-Joe.jpg (37975 bytes)1970PlymouthRoadRunner-RRView-Joe.jpg (30855 bytes)1970PlymouthRoadRunner-Engine-Joe.jpg (37741 bytes)

Shown above is Joe B's immaculate all numbers matching 1970 Plymouth Road Runner coupe.  It's equipped with the standard 383 cubic inch/335 horsepower "Super Commando" V8, 727B Torqueflite automatic transmission, and 8 3/4" suregrip rear with 3.91:1 gears. 

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