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Peter G writes about his immaculate 1971 Dodge Charger R/T (above/below).  Be sure to check out the amazing story of this car's life (below). 

"My 1971 Dodge Charger R/T has the factory original 440HP engine, 727 transmission, and 3:23 suregrip rear. This car is heavily optioned with A/C, power windows, steering, and brakes, rear defroster, AM/FM multiplex radio with the Cassette dictaphone unit, Rim Blow steering wheel, and Rallye rims."

"The car is an all numbers matching original equipment vehicle. It has been in the same family since new. It has undergone a 3 year detailed restoration. All proper date codes are present throughout the car. Each and every component has been either refurbished or replaced with NOS pieces. Last but not least, the final components to be redone will be the A/C system. (summer 2000)."

 "The Charger Story� by Peter G.

"My father ordered the car in the fall of 1970. He kept the car for only two years and then gave it to his niece Paula for a wedding present. Paula and her husband John had the car for six years when in July 1979 they sold it back to me." 

"I used the car as my every day driver for nine years up until 1988. During that time the car was stolen twice!! Both times it was found and recovered in New York City! It was first stolen in 1983 from the A&S parking lot in Manhasset, NY when I went in to apply for a job. I got a job and lost a car! Fortunately it was found three days later in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The car was damaged and partially stripped (shiny stuff, stereo, wheels and tires). The car was �redone� after that, and enjoyed life with little mishap until the summer of 1988 when it was stolen from the driveway in front of our house. It was found the next day in the Bronx (by a good Samaritan) behind an abandoned motel just over the Whitestone Bridge. It was damaged and stripped of the shiny stuff again." 

"Once again the car was �redone�. To add insult to injury, during the second theft, I was woken up by the car being started and immediately called 911. I told the person who answered what was happening, and asked her to put the call out over the radio so the Cops could nab the guys in progress. (Hopefully only a few blocks away). But she wouldn�t do that! Instead, she insisted that she send a cop over to the house first to take a report before she puts the call out over the radio!! I pleaded with her that the car was not already gone, that I was watching it go down the block, and that if she would immediately put the call out with a quick description of the car, the Cops could catch them on the main avenue! She refused, and said they had to come take the report first!"

"What a joke! Would you take a report while a robbery was still in progress and the suspects were fleeing, or would you try and catch the criminals?!?!"

(Wait�it gets even better! You can�t make this stuff up!) 

"I got dressed and jumped in my Mom�s car to go chase the bad guys. I figured (erroneously) that if the Cops weren�t going to try to catch them, I would! Just then a Cop car pulls up to the house and stops me from leaving. At the same time from the other end of the street my friend comes running and says that he just saw two guys with the Charger, and when he went up to them they took off. They apparently had dumped a Camaro in front of his house that they had previously stolen, in favor of my Dodge!"

"(The first and only right thing they did). Well, at this point I was quite annoyed to put it mildly, when to top it off, another Cop car pulls up and asks what was going on. I started to tell him what happened when he said:"

�Wait a minute�.was it white with black stripes?�

�Yeah!!� I said.

�I just saw it go speeding by me!� he said. �I was parked at the shopping center, and I was going to go chase them when I got the call to come here about a stolen vehicle!!�

�AAAAHHHH!!!!� I screamed! �If that &*%&#* bitch would have put the description out like I asked her to, you would have got my car!!�

"At that point I went understandably nuts. The Cops were trying to calm me down, and they called the car�s description out over their radio, but it was too late. My Charger was gone! " 

"Sean and I spent all night driving around looking for it to no avail. The next day a man taking a little known shortcut to avoid the bridge traffic found my Charger behind the motel. There�s more to the story after that, but you have heard the meat of it. As I said�"

"You can�t make this stuff up!"

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