Bellmore Cruise Night (July 30, 1999)


Approximately three years ago the then unnamed group of "Friday Night Cruisers" was "evicted" from a shopping center parking lot in Wantagh, Long Island (private property ya' know!).  The Nassau County police quietly suggested that we go to the Bellmore Long Island Rail Road train station since no-one would mind our presence.  That night around a dozen of us headed to the train station for the first time.  The rest is history...

Since the beginning, the cruise night is now run by a board of directors (The Friday Night Cruisers) with local government support.  We're insured, have sanitation facilities (but no porto-johns), and have a police presence to insure the safety of all attendees.  The cruise night has grown to over 500 cars in two lots on the busiest nights with vehicles of all types and lots of spectators.  It's gotten so big that you must have your car at the Bellmore station by 6PM to ensure that you'll get a parking spot.

Note:  These photos were taken on July 30, 1999.  Although the parking lot looks pretty crowded, attendance was actually off around 20% due to the extreme heat at the time.

Second note:  These photos mark the debut of images from my newly acquired digital camera.  Up until now everything was developed and scanned.  Ain't technology great??

Third note:  If a car that appears within these pages is yours and you would like it removed OR would like to add it's description please send me an email.

Enjoy the show...

Below - a few shots of the crowded lot...

Dscn0003.jpg (31018 bytes)

Dscn0007.jpg (35990 bytes)

Below...a Bellmore traffic jam as people drive around looking for the perfect parking spot...

Dscn0009.jpg (55722 bytes)

MOPAR Alley - Where the COOL cars hang out!

Dscn0005.jpg (31989 bytes)

Above/Below - My Dart, a 340 powered '71 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, a '70 Plymouth 'cuda w/440-6bbl, and a '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee.

Dscn0008.jpg (40916 bytes)

A view of the above cars while standing in my car (top down of course!)

Dscn0037.jpg (48579 bytes)

Below - a 1964 Plymouth, Steve K's legendary 1963 Plymouth Savoy and a 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 with 383/4bbl., automatic transmission and cold a/c.

Dscn0013.jpg (37488 bytes)

Below - Dave and Dan hamming it up next to a radical looking '72 Dodge Charger Rallye equipped with 440 cubic inches of V8.

Dscn0038.jpg (53107 bytes)

Below - A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Dscn0010.jpg (48965 bytes)

Below - a fantastic 1960 DeSoto Adventurer

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