Restoration Resources

I get LOTS of inquiries from viewers about where they can find cars and parts.  I'm listing some of my favorite restoration resources here to reduce the amount of email I receive of that nature.

Sources for cars and parts:

  1. Hemmings Motor News.   It's an international monthly publication that lists cars/parts/services for sale and wanted.  It really is the automotive hobbyist's bible.  If it ain't in Hemmings, it just ain't!
  2. The nationally available MOPAR magazines, such as MOPAR Collectors Guide, High Performance MOPAR, MOPAR Action, MOPAR Muscle and Chrysler Car Enthusiast.   Other all makes magazines for vintage car enthusiasts also have classifieds (as well as excellent restoration examples and tips)
  3. Local "car buyer" type publications.  The publications are usually inexpensive and loaded with good deals.
  4. Local newspaper classifieds.  They work.  I bought my Dart through a classified ad in New York Newsday in May of 1992.
  5. Automotive swap meets.  There's lots of great ones.   In my area, Hershey, PA, Carlisle, PA, and Englishtown, NJ come to mind.   Naturally, the MOPAR Nationals is the "big daddy" of all MOPAR shows/swap meets.  Check Hemmings Motor News or some of the MOPAR periodicals listed above for a schedule of events. 
  6. Year One. A great source for MOPAR reproduction and N.O.S. (New Old Stock) parts.  Year One carries G.M. and Ford parts as well as MOPAR stuff.  Not cheap, but they're definitely worth a look.
  7. R/M Restoration Parts.  A local business that has N.O.S. (New Old Stock) and N.S.-1 (discontinued) parts, used parts, reproduction parts, and the resources to find what they don't have in stock.  Call 'em at (516) 249-3461 or fax to (516) 756-9809. 
  8. Eastwood.  An excellent source of automotive restoration supplies such as tools and paints.  I swear by their high temperature exhaust manifold paints!
  9. Jack's Auto Parts.  Located at the Pond Road Shopping Center.  Route 9 & Pond Rd.  Freehold, NJ 07728, (201) 431-0844.  Jack's specializes in O.E.M. and Performance Parts for MOPARs.  They attend the major MOPAR shows on the east coast.  Their selection is pretty big and their prices are OK.  A good place to check out.
  10. Mr. G's. Fasteners and Rechromed Plastic.  An excellent source of interior/exterior/underhood fasteners.   They also do an excellent job at rechroming and detailing plastic parts such as dashboard panels, although their parts turnaround was a bit slow at the time I dealt with them (their peak season, the winter/spring months).  5613 Elliott Reeder Road. Fort Worth, Texas  76117-6091.  Phone (817) 831-3501 or (817) 838-3131.

Please do not write to me to request placement on this list.  I intend to add only businesses that I've personally had good experiences with.  I will update this list periodically.


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