1999 MOPAR Nationals - B Body  (Page 1)

Below, a 1963 Plymouth Savoy "police" car.

B-1963_Plymouth_SavoyPolice_FrontRight.jpg (25115 bytes)B-1963_Plymouth_SavoyPolice_RearRight.jpg (22541 bytes)

Below, a very rare 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible.  It's equipped with the 11:1 compression 426 cubic inch "Max Wedge Stage 1" engine and three speed manual transmission.  It's featured in the August 1999 issue of MOPAR Collectors Guide magazine.

B-1963_Plymouth_SportFury_LeftFront.jpg (22886 bytes)B-1963_Plymouth_SportFury_LeftRear.jpg (28866 bytes)

Below, a 1965 Dodge Coronet "Super Stock" equipped with a 426 cubic inch "race HEMI" engine.

B-1965_Dodge_Coronet_Max_Wedge_FrontLeft.jpg (25898 bytes)B-1965_Dodge_Coronet_Max_Wedge_LeftRear.jpg (29285 bytes)

B-1965_Dodge_Coronet_Max_Wedge_Engine-Decal.jpg (44486 bytes)

Below, a 1968 Dodge Coronet decked out with Super Bee badges and mechanicals.  This one really does haul!

B-1968_Dodge_Coronet_Wagon_LeftFront.jpg (37025 bytes)

Below, a heavily modified 1968 Plymouth Road Runner.  This one's been given the "Pro-Street" treatment AND has been chopped at the roof.

B-1968_Plymouth_RoadRunner_Modified_LeftRear.jpg (43414 bytes)

B-1968_Plymouth_RoadRunner_Modified_Interior.jpg (28734 bytes)

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